Aquavetic Labs

First formed in 2016, Aquavetic Labs is an engineering think tank focused on developing ocean restoration technologies. Multiple engineers on the team have experience in the medical device field, and early on they offered a metaphor that’s proved apt in defining our mission: building medical devices for the ocean. AVL is devoted to ideating and developing technologies that can have meaningful impacts on ocean health.

My roles included:

  • Naming + branding
  • Content strategy: Working closely with founders, engineers, and contributing authors in the planning and construction of core whitepapers (both public-facing and proprietary)  
  • Writing + editing: manifesto, whitepapers, investor pack, partner docs,  corporate docs, mission statement, website, et al.
  • Soliciting + integrating feedback: The target audience for a given piece of content can be investors, partners, scientists, journalists, the interested public, or all of the above, so it’s crucial to get detailed feedback from multiple POVs in order to find the right balance of style and tone. And, of course, to make certain that all the science is  on point
  • Being an observant fly on the wall during engineering work group sessions
  • Putting the website together: Structure, content, flow, imagery, template customization, versioning