2017 – 2020

Role: Writing, Editing, Content Planning

As with the climate, so with the oceans: we’re about out of time. Conservation is vitally important – but it’s not going to get the job done by itself. Aquavetic Labs is an ocean restoration engineering startup devoted to ideating and developing technologies that can have meaningful impacts on ocean health.

This is a passion project, to be sure. Before AVL hit a funding wall in late 2018, I’d been working closely with our engineers and scientific advisors to develop whitepapers, funding docs, and messaging priorities. After it got put on hold, I found I never really stopped thinking about it. It was in my bloodstream.

And I wasn’t the only one. The AVL team has reassembled and is back with a renewed focus on developing smart buoys that can help replenish depleted fish stocks by upwelling deep-water nutrients to the surface, creating a bloom in biological life. The ocean food chain really is top-down – if you put the right nutrients in spots that need them, plankton will bloom, and the feeder fish will appear, and then the smaller predatory fish, and so on down the line. 

The Manifesto – full version here – is a solid example of the dexterity required when writing for an audience as varied as investors, partners, scientists, journalists, and the interested public. In writing it, I solicited detailed feedback from multiple SMEs in order to strike the right balance of engaging language and scientific claims that pass muster with the experts. I also worked with the designer to build the layout as a template for use across the first wave of whitepapers.