As with the climate, so with the oceans: we’re about out of time. Conservation is vitally important – but it’s not going to get the job done by itself. Aquavetic Labs is an ocean restoration engineering startup devoted to ideating and developing technologies that can have meaningful impacts on ocean health.

I work closely with our engineers and scientific advisors to develop whitepapers, funding docs, and messaging priorities for a range of defined personas that make up AVL’s collective target audience. 

Broadly speaking, one of the tricky parts about working in this market is there’s this gargantuan and urgent global need for finely attuned engineering solutions … but no defined marketplace at which buyers and sellers can meet up. And it’s hard to break into a market that doesn’t properly exist. 

Yet. Until it does, it’s on us to follow the resources and position ourselves to best help that marketplace develop. As such, AVL’s current efforts focus on two arenas:  ocean-based CDR (carbon dioxide removal) technology, and an engineering consultancy that helps get forthcoming technologies market-ready.  

The Manifesto is AVL’s statement of purpose. I was lead author and editor—you can check that out here.